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2010 Medicare Modernization Act


The 2010 Medicare Modernization Act will begin to change numerous things for Medicare Supplement Insurance beginning June 1st 2010.  With plans being edited, eliminated, and added we believe it is crucial to keep up with how this will impact our clients.  Below we have listed the major changes to the Medicare supplement plans as well as providing you a chart to review.  Please feel free to contact with any questions you may have.



·         Reduces overall plans from 14 to 11

·         Plans E, H, I, and J are eliminated (these plans were put into effect in 1992 with the other standardized plans but due to under utilization and Part D there were not as much use for these plans)

·         At-home recovery and preventive care benefits are eliminated under the Modernized plans (these benefits were primarily taken out due to under utilization)

·         On plan G the Part B excess charges increased from 80% to 100% (this plan is now extremely close to the plan F)

·         A hospice benefit was added to the basic (core) benefits

·         Plans M and N were created through this act, and were designed with higher cost-sharing at lower premiums.  A few carriers will have similar health questions to a Medicare Advantage on these plans.


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