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Guaranteed Issue Periods for Medicare Supplements

Guaranteed-issue period is the time when someone who is eligible can sign up for a Medicare Supplement with no health questions. During this time, you can be declined for any reason. If a person waits until he/she is out of their guaranteed-issue period, there is a possibility they will not be approved. Outside of guaranteed-issue periods, a Medicare Supplement application must go through regular underwriting. Underwriting will review the answered health questions and prescription medications and possibly conduct a phone interview to determine if the applicant will be approved or declined.


There are many different qualifications for a guaranteed-issue period (see “Choosing a Medigap Policy” at The most popular and well known are the Open Enrollment Period and the Special Enrollment Period. It is always important to be informed and knowledgeable about your guaranteed-issue rights and enrollment periods. For many people the Open Enrollment Period is a once in a lifetime opportunity, so it is essential to know and understand your rights and options.


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