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Enjoy Your Golden Years More with These 3 Types of Insurance

It's hard to think of this time as your "golden years" if you're constantly worried about money.  After all, it probably wouldn't take much to send you or your heirs into a financial black hole.  Even a relatively minor illness or injury could do it if you don't have the right insurance coverage!

That's why every senior citizen needs to take advantage of these 3 types of insurance:

  1. Life insurance

    Life insurance for seniors can be a tricky thing.  Many seniors think that because they're not working anymore, they don't have to spring for life insurance.  However, if you don't have any type of life insurance, you could end up leaving your heirs with a hefty pile of debts to pay off after you're gone.

    Luckily, there is special life insurance for seniors that's designed to fit perfectly into fixed incomes.  That way, you can get the coverage you need -- without going broke to get it.  As a result, you'll be able to rest easy knowing that you won't send your heirs into a financial tailspin.

  2. Medicare supplement insurance

    If you rely solely on basic Medicare coverage, you're doing yourself a real disservice!  In fact, this type of insurance is commonly referred to as "Medigap policies" because it fills in all of the gaps that traditional Medicare coverage leaves behind. 

    Look carefully, and you'll see that basic Medicare comes with low limits and a whole bunch of exclusions.  Without some type of Medicare supplement insurance, you'll have to foot all of the bills yourself once you reach your maximum payout or get some kind of illness or injury that isn't covered.  How long would it take for you to wind up in serious financial trouble if your Medicare coverage couldn't help you?  Probably not long!

    Luckily, Medigap policies aren't expensive.  In fact, when you look at all of the additional coverage they can give you, they're practically worth their weight in gold!

  3. Individual vision insurance

    If you're one of the many senior citizens out there who's dealing with vision problems -- like glasses that keep needing a stronger prescription or cataracts -- even your Medicare supplement insurance may not be good enough.  Instead of "flying blind" and hoping that you can afford the bills yourself, turn to individual vision insurance.

    With one of these policies, you'll get to take advantage of things like free eye exams, discounted prices on glasses and contacts, and even lower prices for more serious eye issues and treatments.

You can get all of the insurance you need -- and all of the peace of mind, too! -- at!

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