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Don't Want Your Health to Bankrupt You? You'll Need 3 Types of Insurance

Unfortunately, it's something you hear about more often than you should… people losing their life savings, their homes, and their peace of mind because they got sick or injured and didn't have enough insurance to cover it.  If you want to protect yourself, you need insurance for every situation.  But if you think regular ol' health insurance is enough, think again.

It may seem a little over the top, but if you really want to be protected, you need to invest in these 3 types of insurance:

  1.  Dental insurance

    The average individual dental plan doesn't even cost a dollar a day -- and with it, you'll be able to get everything from routine check-ups, to emergency treatment, to treatment for chronic dental problems. 

    Most people overlook dental insurance because they just assume their health insurance covers it.  However, more and more health policies are cutting out dental insurance altogether -- or just including very basic dental coverage that excludes a lot.  If you don't want your teeth to take a bite out of your finances, an individual dental plan is the way to go!

  2.  Vision insurance

    When was the last time you had your eyes examined?  Do you suffer from cataracts?  What if your eyes were to get severely injured tomorrow?  If you had vision insurance, you would be covered in all of these situations.  Without it, even a routine trip to the eye doctor may be more than you can afford.

    Like dental insurance, vision insurance is being left out of more and more health insurance policies.  Luckily, vision coverage is just as affordable as an individual dental plan.  And, if you're looking for extra savings, buy your dental and vision insurance from the same company so that you get a discount!

  3.  Medicare supplement coverage

    If you're on Medicare -- or are about to be -- you may not know exactly what your benefits do and don't cover.  Did you know that basic Medicare coverage won't cover illnesses or injuries that take place out of the country?  Did you know that basic Medicare benefits only pay for short hospital stays?  Did you know that the limits on basic Medicare coverage are pretty low?

    Without some type of Medicare supplement coverage, you're leaving yourself at risk.  Without it, one trip to the hospital or one injury on vacation can wipe out your finances!  Medicare supplement policies do exactly what they say -- provide supplement coverage for your basic Medicare plan.  That way, you'll never get caught off-guard!

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